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Technical Theater

"These Shining Lives," 2022

Meadow Creek High + Paul Duke STEM High

Visual Art - Music Tech - Theater Tech - Mechatronics

In the fall of 2022, Meadow Creek High School Theater Teacher John King put on a play These Shining Lives, telling  the story of Kate Moore and her co-workers at Radium Dial, a pocket watch manufacturing company found in 1917. This play was all performed at The Aurora Theater in Lawerencville, GA for the OneACT Performance competition.

Students were organized into groups: Actors, Costuming, Sound/Lighting and Set Building/Props.

As a collaboration, Mr. Budners Music Technology students worked with Mr. Kings Sound/Lighting students to provide the sound cues that best suited the plays atmosphere. 

The link below is a full document of the Clock and Set building process.

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