Integrating Music and Arts into STEM curriculum with creative STEAM-focused experiences

African Mask Project




Visual Art



3D Printing


7th -10 Grade
Middle-High School


6-9 class periods

African Mask Project Summary

African Mask Project is an Arts Enhanced STEAM lesson, with possible Arts Integrated lesson options, that brings together Math, Modeling/Visualization, and Visual Art using Social Studies as the prompt to promote visual arts research.

After completing the geometry module in math class, students then research African masks and design them on graph paper. Once the design is complete, they have an overview in Tinkercad and examples of careers where design capacity in 3D design tools is needed. Then they are given time to create their masks in Tinkercad. Once reviewed and approved, they are printed and optionally painted and shown to the students.

For Teachers:

  • TinkerCAD: Free online 3D image software to create custom files for 3D printing.


  • TinkerCAD Lessons: Use their “Learn 3D Design” section to learn the basics of TinkerCAD.


  • 3D Printing Knowledge:Teachers should have a background in 3D printing and access to a 3D printer. Alternatively, if the school has a maker space with a 3D printer, that is also ideal. There are also several online services like XOMETRY where you can upload your design file and the 3D printed masks will be mailed to you if no 3D printer is available.


For Students: