Integrating Music and Arts into STEM curriculum with creative STEAM-focused experiences

Conserving the 1%


Science – Music

Computer Science


6-8, Middle School


2-4 class periods

Conserving the 1% Lesson Summary

Use it, Don’t Lose it: Conserving the 1% is a STEAM integrated lesson designed for 6th – 8th grade students. This lesson is grounded in project-based learning, and follows the 5E Model of Instruction and brings together earth science, music, and computer programming – using EarSketch.

In this lesson, students learn basic coding skills and music concepts to create music and vocals around promoting water conservation.

There are three different levels of EarSketch programming included in the lesson.  Version #1 is included in the primary lesson plan and introduces the basic functions in EarSketch as reviewed in the Getting Started with EarSketch module. Version #2 is an extension using setEffect in EarSketch, and version #3 is an extension using makeBeat in EarSketch. 

For Teachers:

For Students:

EarSketch Modules:

  • Getting Started with EarSketch: Modules that cover the basics of using EarSketch (Explain #1)
  • Upload Vocal Stems: Modules for students to record and upload their vocal stems on EarSketch (Explain #2)
  • setEffect: Modules to add effects to projects on EarSketch (optional Elaborate section – version #2)
  • makeBeat: Modules to add beats to projects on EarSketch (optional Elaborate section – version #3)