Integrating Music and Arts into STEM curriculum with creative STEAM-focused experiences


Engineering – Visual Arts

Computer Science


6-12, Middle/High School


90 Minutes

Art+CODE Toolkit Summary

Art+CODE is a STEAM integrated toolkit designed for K-12 students and teachers. This workshop brings together Engineering, Computer Science, and Visual Arts.

In this toolkit, students and teachers construct a drawing mechanism using provided materials while learning a few computer science basics: loops, variables, and functions.


Other example:

For Teachers:

  • Micro:bit + Hummingbird KIT: (Link)
  • 2 – Position Servos (Position Servo – FS5103B)
    • These are bigger than the servos included in the Kit.
  • Build and Code Walkthroughs
    (see below)
  • Toolkit Package:
    • PDF walkthrough
    • Draw Bot Layout
    • .Hex micro:bit file
    • Code Layout
    • Dowel Bracket .STL 3D Print file (will need to be sliced to .gcode)
  • Key Terms
    • Engineering: The fundamentals of angles and degrees.
    • Computer Science: Function, Variable, Loop
    • Visual Arts Key Terms: Complimentary Colors, Line, Shape

Drawing Materials:

  • 1 Glass Marble
  • 2 – ¼’’ wooden dowels, around 8’’-10’’ lengths
  • Slim Felt tip pens or markers. (Crayola’s are too big :/)
  • 3D Printed bracket (.stl file in package).
  • Hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • Brown Paper (to cover tables)
  • 18×24’’ drawing pad
  • Scissors
  • Blue tape
  • Electrical Tape (optional, but helpful)
  • Wooden Clothespins


How to build the Code

How to build the DrawBot