Integrating Music and Arts into STEM curriculum with creative STEAM-focused experiences

Category: Middle School

Art+CODE=Mechanized Drawing

TOOLKIT Art+CODE Workshop Package Download Overview Engineering – Visual Arts Computer Science Technology: Micro:bit + HumBird KitPC/MacOS/ChromeOSMake:Code Coding Platform Grades: 6-12, Middle/High School Time: 60-90 Minutes

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Visualizing Equivalent Fractions

LESSON Visualizing Equivalent Fractions Lesson Download Overview Engineering – Computer Science Visual Arts Technology: Inspiral Web InterfacePC/MacOS/ChromeOS Grades: 4-8, Elem./Middle Time: 2-4 class periods Subjects:

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Paper Piano

LESSON Paper Piano Download the Lesson Here Overview Engineering – Computer Science Music Technology: Inspiral Web InterfacePC/MacOS/ChromeOSMake:Code Coding Platform Grades: 6-8, Middle School Time: 2-4

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Conserving the 1%

LESSON Conserving the 1% Download the Lesson Here Overview Science – Music Computer Science Technology: EarSketchEarsketch for TeachersPC/MacOS/ChromeOS Grades: 6-8, Middle School Time: 2-4 class

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